When Customers decided to ordered a Macrider Custom made saddle or bridle, they received a Mail confirmation and invoice of the order they make of the specific saddle or bridle measurements and specs to make their custom made saddle or bridle.   When down payment of  $ 1,500.00 for saddle is in , and or payment bridle, we are starting building the special custom handmade saddle or bridle.

If customer decides after giving the order and placed the down payment and have accepted the saddle or bridle, and they want to return the saddle or bridle within 2 weeks, they don’t receive back the down payment of the custom made saddle or bridle.

The down payment costs including:  fitting, delivering, customs and the custom-made confirmation to make the handcrafted saddle or bridle.


5 year warranty on all Poly Flex trees.
1 year warranty against any defects in materials, leather and workmanship.
Shipping costs to and from factory for repairs are not included.

From time to time the saddle will need to be examined and possibly adjusted for a better fit on Customer’s horse;

all adjustments, repairs or service must to done by MacRider; any adjustments, repairs or service done by others will void the warranty;